• Welcome to the North Jackson Elementary Library!


    Our library is on an open and flexible schedule. Students are welcome to visit the library individually or in small groups of no more than 5 unless accompanied by the teacher. Large group checkout can be scheduled on the media center calendar.

    Students may keep books for 2 weeks and renew if needed. Teachers are asked to help remind students to return books on time. Kindergarten and First Grade may check out 1 book. Second Grade may check out 2 books. Third through Fifth Grade students may have up to 3 books. These guidelines are flexible based on the student and teacher needs. 

    Our space is flexible allowing it to be reconfigured to host more than one learning “event” at a time. We invite teachers, staff, and students to engage with reading, technology, teaching, learning, and conversations. The library can be a busy place! 

    Mrs. Mixon is available for collaborative lessons and will support teachers in any content area as needed. Please contact Mrs. Mixon to schedule a storytime, technology, research, or content lesson.



    NJES Library Learning Commons by Sara Mixon

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    Sara Mixon
    Media Specialist