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Young Georgia Author Winners!

The purpose of the Young Georgia Authors (YGA) writing competition is to encourage students to develop enthusiasm for and expertise in their writing, to provide a context to celebrate their writing successes, and to recognize student achievement in arts and academics. The following winners were selected in grades K - 5. 

Kindergarten - 1st-Clifford Wehunt; 2nd-Arista Potts; 3rd-Caden Spencer and Natalia Hodge

1st Grade - 1st-Jay Flores; 2nd-Ansley Flores; 3rd- Adelyn Newell & Ruth Clark

2nd Grade- 1st-Susanna Trier; 2nd-Wesley Jamison; 3rd- Cailin Parker

3rd Grade - 1st-Gracie Hunter; 2nd- Natalie Robinson; 3rd-Kory Brock

4th Grade - 1st-Dallas Cox; 2nd-Brylee Bowles; 3rd-Carter Varnedoe

5th Grade - 1st-Jayden Cheek; 2nd-James Beadles; 3rd-Mason Tatgenhorst